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The AC Gun is a Tier 5 tank that branches from the Chiller and the AA Gun at level 60.


The AC Gun has a circular body with a large barrel sitting on top of a trapezoidal base. It has 2 small barrels protruding from the base at an angle from the main barrel and a light blue square on top of the trapezoidal base.


The AC Gun shoots a bullet with stats similar to the Pounder's bullet stats but faster, but the bullet can slow down enemy tanks. The side bullets operate similarly to an Artillery's side bullets, but they don't slow down enemy tanks (unlike the front bullet).


The AC Gun upgrades from the Chiller.png Chiller and the AA Gun.png AA Gun at level 60.

The AC Gun does not upgrade any further, as it is a tier 5 tank.


As the AC Gun

Against the AC Gun


  • The AC Gun was added to the game on the 28th June 2020, inspired by Deeew.
  • The "AC" stands for air conditioning, a wordplay on the tank's freezing bullet.