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The Accelerator is a Tier 3 tank upgrading from the Propeller at level 30.


The Accelerator has the Same back guns as the Propeller, but it now has a gun on the left side of the left gun, and another gun on the right side of the right gun, similar to that of the Booster.


Because the Accelerator has 4 guns, it moves at a faster rate than the Propeller.


The Accelerator upgrades from the Propeller.png Propeller.

The Accelerator can upgrade into the following:

  • Booster.png Booster (Lvl. 45)
  • B-1 Rockwell.png B-1 Rockwell (Lvl. 60)


As the Accelerator

  • Use your extra speed to distract players and bosses for other players/teammates to defeat.
  • A rammer build is recommended for this tank.

Against the Accelerator

  • Bullet spammers can outrun the Accelerator while attacking it. Easy-Peasy.


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