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The Acolyte is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Chiller at level 45.


The Acolyte has a tapering tank shape, like the Switcheroo, but with the tapering pointing forward. It also has a barrel very similar in design with the Chiller, but with a purple rectangle instead of a blue one.


The Acolyte fires bullets similar to the Sniper's bullet. Upon right clicking, if the Acolyte has high health, will drain around 80 percent of the Acolyte's health in return for a miniature stabilizer bullet.


As the Acolyte

Acolyte can fire a miniature stabilizer bullet which doesn't have damage as high as the Redistributor, but can kill a tank in one shot. When fighting another tank and using this ability, be careful; as mentioned above, it will drain you of 80% health. So if the bullet misses, and the tank has high reload / damage / speed, flee. Keep a tank by your side like the Machceptionist or Mini Gunner. If you max out Shield Regeneration, after using the ability you can run to a indestructible rock, wait for your health to fill up, and try again to kill the tank.

Against the Acolyte

It is generally recommended to use bullet spam tanks once the Acolyte uses its special ability, because it's health will be almost depleted, making it easy to kill. Alternatively, you could ram it after it uses its ability. Otherwise, use sniper counters.