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The Aegis is a Tier 5 tank in Woomy-Arras.io.


What the hek even is this

The Aegis looks much like the Lancer, having a circular body and a triangular cannon in the front. However, similarly to the Slasher, it has a shield on its back. The Aegis's shield looks like a wide rectangle on a thinner rectangle, and there beside the main shield, there is another shield turned by its rear.


The Aegis's lance acts much like a regular lance. However, its shields act much like more proficient versions of the current Led Zeppelin, as it can push everything from Bosses to Sanctuaries to Polygons. The Aegis, if used carefully enough, can even block ammunition if it's not too high in penetration and damage.


As the Aegis

If fighting other players, use your amazing pushing ability to throw strong Polygons or Sanctuaries into your enemies. You could also throw certain Bosses into enemy tanks if there are any bosses around, but in doing so be careful; the Aegis is amazing, but if you're too reckless, your plan could backfire and get you killed by the boss. Try not to push other players, too. They're even less predictable and therefore more dangerous. So yeah, the Aegis isn't really powerful or good for getting high scores, it's just awesome because of the play value.

Against the Aegis

Aegises are pretty weak. Try using tanks with high bullet count, penetration, or speed to try killing the Aegis. Try to never aim at the Aegis's shields, as they can deflect some types of ammunition, but if your bullets are strong (or small) enough, they can either out penetrate the shields or get between the gaps. Corrupt UV is a good tank when countering the Aegis. However, make sure never to get pushed by an Aegis for too long. If they can control you for long enough without you resisting, they can push you straight into danger. Luckily though, you probably won't get pushed for too long by an Aegis if you fight back.


  • With the Led Zeppelin nerfed, the Aegis is the only tank with such an ability.
    • Hopefully Aegis is not nerf.
  • Aegis is not really a scoring tank, it's a trolling tank.