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The Aircraft is a tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Dirigible at level 60.


The Aircraft's design is identical to Dirigible's, although it's basic cannon has been replaced with a Single cannon.


The Aircraft can move in any direction without pressing WASD, and can scope, like the Single branch.


The Aircraft upgrades from the Dirigible. It does not upgrade any further.


As the Aircraft

If you’re on the Portal maps, you can go over the border intersection, and scope people from there. If you’re gonna do this, be weary though. Bullets can traverse through the portals. Drone tanks(Phantom, Suzerain, Dr. Tide Pods), Traps, Blocks, Trapboxes, Pillboxes, Boomerangs(Kaboomer, Infested Block, Operator) cannot go through portals, so attack them.

Against the Aircraft

It’s fire power is crap, so use something like the Twisted Hybrid and you will kill it

It can scope, but the Hecate can take care of this.

Name Definition

An Aircraft is a type of machinery that is meant to be airborne, such as a helicopter.