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The Airship is a Tier 4 Tank, upgrading from the Spawner, Navyist, or the Auto-Propeller. It controls a special type of minions, called "Blimps".


The Airship features a circular body. It has a short and wide trapezoid mounted on the front. Under it, there's a longer and thinner trapezoid, with the longer edge facing out.

The blimps looks like the Tri-Angle.png Tri-Angle without the front gun.


The minions are produced more frequently than the Spawner does. They also have more health, damage and penetration. The speed is increased a bit, but drag is also stronger.

The minions has an ability to turn invisible when idle. Turning override ON can stop the minions, and make then invisible.

The minions' bullets has more health and damage, and generates more recoil (In total). They don't travel so far.


The Airship upgrades from the Spawner.png Spawner, the Navyist.png Navyist or the Auto-Propeller.png Auto-Propeller at level 45.

The Airship can upgrade to the Giffard.png Giffard at level 60.


As the Airship

  • As the blimps don't have any guns on their front, simply targeting your target won't make your bullets hit it.
    • So, targeting beyond your target will make the blimps directly hit the target.
    • Because the blimps themselves have higher health/damage and speed, the strategy will work well.
  • Also try to keep the blimps invisible until some enemies come, and surprise the enemy.

Against the Airship

  • Beware of the invisible blimps. If you see the Airship itself, there may be some invisible blimps.
  • As itself is always visible, it's a good idea killing it before it move the blimps.


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