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The Airway is a Tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Dirigible at level 60.


The Airway looks like a combination between the Overseer and the Dirigible. It has the helicopter body of the Dirigible, and the drone spawners of the Overseer.


The Airway spawns 8 drones that have little propellers on top of them, much like the tank itself.


The Airway upgrades from the Dirigible.png Dirigible at level 60.

It cannot upgrade further.


As the Airway

  • While it may seem like the drones are fast, they are quite slow.
  • Thus, it would be best to invest in Body Damage.

Against the Airway

  • While the drones may look like they will chop you to pieces, they won't. They're too slow to do so.
  • However, if it's using the "Greatest Plan" build, fire at it. You wouldn't want it to ram into you.
  • The drones cannot go over walls, unlike what the drones show with their propellers, and they function much like diep.io drones. Use this to your advantage and use the whirlybird to counter it if you need to.
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