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The Alpha Heptagon is a large orange shape that can only evolve from Alpha Hexagon and only in the pentagon nest.


The Alpha Heptagon is supposedly a re-work of a removed Heptagon, with changed color. It was supposedly added in late 2019. On September 27, 2019, it's health was nerfed. As of October 19, 2020, Led Zeppelin is no longer able to push these.


The Alpha Heptagon is a large orange heptagon that is about as large as an Alpha Pentagon.


The Alpha Heptagon has 600 health and gives about 20000 experience upon destruction. It can only evolve from Alpha Hexagon in the pentagon nest. Alpha Heptagon may evolve further into Alpha Octagon in the pentagon nest. It evolves commonly, but also can commonly stay as Alpha Heptagon. Alpha Heptagon has a bit higher resistance compared to Alpha Hexagon, that's why it may be harder to kill.


If you have reached a higher tier like fourth or third tier, you will very likely be able to destroy Alpha Heptagon. If you find one, you may consider it as an excellent source of experience, and it will be definitely worth the time you will attack it. Alpha Heptagon can also give a lot of experience to the players with highest tier, and they may destroy it if they have high DPS. You can also use Alpha Heptagon in defensive purposes against Bots, if you are unable to defend by yourself. In this case, you can move behind Alpha Heptagon and trick bot into ramming Alpha Heptagon and taking massive damage. This will force the bot to retreat.

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