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The Annexer is a Tier 4 tank that branches from the Auto-Machine, the Auto-Pelleter and the Submachine at level 45.


The Annexer has a circular body and a combination of barrels: three thin, firing guns and two decorative bands. It also has an Auto Turret mounted on the top of its body.


The Annexer's bullets are very small, fast, and damaging, but do not have a lot of penetration.

The firing pattern of the Annexer is peculiar in that it fires in a zig-zag motion, acting like its barrels are rotating. The Auto Turret however, fires bullets like a normal Auto Turret would.


The Annexer upgrades from the Auto-Machine.png Auto-Machine, the Auto-Pelleter.png Auto-Pelleter, and the Submachine.png Submachine at level 45.

The Annexer can upgrade to the following:


As the Annexer

  • The Annexer's bullets are powerful against drone tanks and snipers with less defensive capabilities.
  • Because the Annexer's gun is so long, it may have trouble defending itself from enemies that are very close to it unless the auto turret is locked into them.
  • One can line up their main bullet with their auto turret, making it easier to kill enemies.
  • Alternatively, one can also press R if they don't want the auto turret to fire at something and reveal their presence.

Against the Annexer

  • Most tanks can out-penetrate the Annexer very easily.
  • Trapper tanks can easily lay traps that the Annexer's bullets cannot break through quickly.
  • Be careful of its auto turret, as it can drain your health if you're not careful.


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