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The Antipode is a tier 5 tank that branches from the Ascender and the Booster.


The Antipode has a circular body with a rectangular barrel on the front and 4 angled shorter barrels on the back in groups of 2 underneath a wide and short rectangular barrel with a dark fan of "barrels" behind it.


The Antipode shoots bullets with normal damage at a normal rate. It also has 4 thrusters that shoot weaker bullets, but they have more recoil. The back barrel shoots bullets that look like a Spike.png Spike that are similar to Destroyer.png Destroyer's bullets in stength.


The Antipode upgrades from the Ascender.png Ascender and the Booster.png Booster at level 60.

As the Antipode is a Tier 5 tank, it can't branch any further.


As the Antipode

Against the Antipode