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The Apidae is a Tier 5 tank upgrading from Colonist.png Colonist at level 60. It is commonly used for hunting.


The Apidae is shaped similarly to the Colonist, however the top front barrel is longer than usual. It also has a short barrel, similar to the Colonist's top barrel, on the back. Like the Colonist, it has a short, wide, tapering barrel underneath the main barrel.


The Apidae shoots swarmers, similar to the Colonist, which spawn swarm drones. Swarm drones deal low damage and have a time limit but have high speed and are numerous. The swarmers themselves also deal moderate damage. However, the swarmers have more barrels on them, allowing them to spawn more swarm drones.


The Apidae upgrades from the Colonist at level 60. Being a Tier 5, it does not upgrade.


Please do not use Apidae for hunting. Repeated hunting may get you kicked or banned.

As the Apidae

  • The Apidae requires similiar tactics to homing bullet tanks, with only some aiming required.
  • It works well with a glass build as it can protect itself using it swarm drones.
  • Avoid Splitter: Your swarm drones will not be able to attack its probes, and it will shoot your main swarmers down.
  • Avoid Underseer branch tanks too, particularly the Pentamancer, You simply won't have enough fire to penetrate their Tortilla wall and if you get closer, you will instantly be killed.
  • Maze TDM is not a good map to play this tank, as the swarm drones won't be able to attack from multiple sides, which makes it easy for any bullet spammer or Shotgun to destroy all your drones and then kill you.
  • It is best to play Boss Rush with the Apidae due to its skill at killing AIs.

Against the Apidae

  • If you are in Maze, back yourself into a corner. This means that the Apidae's swarm drones cannot attack you in multiple directions. The tactic makes it easy to kill its swarm drones and then kill the Apidae itself.
  • If you are a Shotgun, shoot once at medium range to destroy its swarm drones while moving forward and then fire at close range to kill the Apidae.
  • High DPS tanks with some spread like the Machceptionist can easily kill the Apidae.
  • Only Jump Smashers and Hexa Lancers can attempt to kill the Apidae, otherwise stay away.


  • Apidae is one of the most infamously hated tanks.


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