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The Armored Tank is a Tier 5 Tank that upgrades from the Pounder at level 60.


The Armored Tank has a circular body and a large, wide gun on its front. It also has a spinning hexagonal shield resembling the Smasher's.


The Armored Tank's gun is near-identical to the Pounder's, firing large bullets at a slower rate.

However, the Armored Tank's main ability is that it takes 40% less damage from all sources but also moves slower to compensate.


The Armored Tank upgrades from the Pounder.png Pounder at level 60.

The Armored Tank is a level 60 tank and cannot upgrade to any other tank.


As the Armored Tank

  • The Armored Tank's damage reduction makes it more tanky overall, which means you can be a little more aggressive.
  • Your Pounder bullets can also deal lots of damage to laid traps and enemy bullets.

Against the Armored Tank

  • The Armored Tank fires infrequently and does not have the firepower of other tanks.
  • Try out manuvering the Armored Tank and dodging its shots since it moves slowly.
  • Use some tanks that reloads faster or fires many bullets at rapid speeds.


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