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The Array is a Tier 5 tank that branches from Projectiler and Gunner Cruiser at level 60.


Array was added on the 20th of June of 2018.


Array features 2 sets of rectangular barrels with slitghly slanted caps: 2 on the left angled from each other and angled from the 2 on the right, which are also angled from each other.


Array shoots triangular missiles that home in on enemies. Those missiles are weak, but they come in massive numbers as Array has 4 barrels.

Upgrades from

Array upgrades from the Projectiler and the Gunner Cruiser at level 60.

Upgrades to

The Array is a Tier 5 tank, and therefore does not upgrade into anything.


  • This tank was one of the most overpowered tanks back in 2018.
    • Now it is underwhelmingly weak.