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The Autillery is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Artillery.png Artillery at level 45.


The Autillery has a wide rectangular barrel in the middle. On the sides, it has two auto turrets.


The Autillery's main barrel shoots bullets similar in stats to the Pounder's bullets. Its side barrels shoot bullets equivalent to Auto-2.png Auto-2.

When Autofire is off, the two turrets both target the same object. When Autofire is on, they point forwards with the main barrel.


The Autillery upgrades from the Artillery.png Artillery at level 45.

The Autillery can upgrade into the following tanks:


As the Autillery

  • The Autillery's side bullets can hit enemies that are trying to avoid the more dangerous Pounder bullets.
  • Turn Autofire off to detect nearby enemies.
  • The main bullet deals lots of damage like Pounder.png Pounder and can be useful in fending off rammers.

Against the Autillery

  • Try attacking it from its sides with tanks like the Spawner.png Spawner as it will have to turn around to shoot.
  • You can also counter the Autillery's bullets with even stronger bullet spam with the Blaster.png Blaster or Triplet.png Triplet. The side bullets are weak.
  • Invisible tanks can surprise the Autillery since you can't be detected.



  • The Autillery's name is a combination of "Artillery" and "Auto".
  • In WoomyArras.cx, the Autillery's side bullets always point forwards, even while Autofire is off.
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