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The Auto-Arachnid is a Tier 4 Tank that upgrades from the Arachnid.png Arachnid, Auto-Minishot.png Auto-Minishot, and Auto-Flank.png Auto-Flank at level 45.


The Auto-Arachnid has a circular body with three Basic.png Basic, spread equally around its body, and six smaller guns in pairs between each Basic barrel. It has an Auto-turret on top like the Auto-Basic.png Auto-Basic.


The three main barrels (the biggest ones) fire bullets with the strength of Flank Guard.png Flank Guard. Its side bullets aren't as strong, closer to the Minishot.png Minishot side bullets. Its Auto turret detects nearby enemies, prioritizing more dangerous enemies over others, and shoots Auto-Basic auto bullets.


The Auto-Arachnid upgrades from Arachnid.png Arachnid, Auto-Minishot.png Auto-Minishot, and Auto-Flank.png Auto-Flank at level 45.

The Auto-Arachnid can upgrade to the following:


As the Auto-Arachnid

  • You are mostly well-covered from all angles thanks to its guns.
    • Keep in mind that the sides with your secondary bullets is more vulnerable.
  • Use the Auto-Arachnid like a crowd-control tank, especially in TDM gamemodes.
  • Be careful of strong bullet spammers, since your bullets are quite weak.
  • Use your auto-turret to detect nearby enemies, and as additional firepower.

Against the Auto-Arachnid

  • The Auto-Arachnid does not have focused firepower in any single direction, making it very easily outpenetrated by bullet spammers.
  • If you are getting annoyed with the auto-turret, Override.png Override can help with that.
  • In teams gamemodes, the Auto-Arachnid provides cover for its more dangerous teammates, so take the others out first.



  • Auto-Arachnid exists in real life. It's called a nanobot.
    • Nanobots are currently being used in medicine, but not in common applications like food yet.
    • Nanobots might kill all humans and rule as the leader of this world, but WoomyArras.io would be long forgotten if that ever occurs.