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The Auto-Arsenal is tier 4 tank which has an auto-turret.


The Auto-Arsenal has an circular body, an trap launcher on wider rectangle base and an normal auto-turret on top of body.


The Auto-Arsenal shots traps with high penetration and damage. The trap has an auto-turret that shot bullets with moderate damage. The auto-turret mounted on top of main body shots bullets with also moderate damage.


The Auto-Arsenal can upgrades from Auto-Trapper.png Auto-Trapper and Arsenal.png Arsenal at level 45. It can upgrade to fillowing at level 60:


As Auto-Arsenal

  • The trap protects and atrack enemy so use traps as a spiky shield. But take care not to be attacked from behind.
  • This tank is weak against drone tanks and swarming tanks. Because they can use drones that can attack you from behind.

Against Auto-Arsenal

  • Around the Auto-Arsenal, it can make bullet-field. So it's good idea to attack from far with Ranger.
  • Use Drone Tank. Behind Auto-Arsenal is free kill. But be careful for auto-turret. It would has noticed you.


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