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The Auto-Artillery is a Tier 4 Tank upgrading from Artillery.png Artillery, Scratcher.png Scratcher, and Auto-Minishot.png Auto-Minishot at level 45.


The Auto-Artillery is an Artillery.png Artillery with an auto-turret on top. Click on its page for more info.


The Auto-Artillery's main barrel shoots Pounder.png Pounder bullets, the side ones shoot Minishot.png Minishot side bullets, and the auto-turret shoots, well, auto-bullets.


The Auto-Artillery upgrades from Artillery.png Artillery, Scratcher.png Scratcher, and Auto-Minishot.png Auto-Minishot at level 45.

The Artillery can upgrade into the following tanks:


As the Auto-Artillery

  • Use your auto-turret to locate enemies, and as additional firepower.
  • Your big Pounder bullet deals the most damage and can also block enemy bullets.
  • Watch your sides and back.

Against the Auto-Artillery

  • If you're getting annoyed with the auto-turret, Override.png Override can help with that.
  • Use drone tanks to evade the powerful bullet and deal damage. Bullet Speed is useful.
  • Bullet spammers like the Triplet.png Triplet can penetrate Auto-Artillery's bullets.



  • There's another tank called the Autillery.png Autillery that would like to have this tank's name.
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