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The Auto-Contagion is a Tier 4 Tank upgrading from Auto-Trapper.png Auto-Trapper and Contagion.png Contagion at level 45.


The Auto-Contagion has a Trapper.png Trapper trap launcher on top of a thin barrel that shoots bullets. It has an auto-turret on its body that points at nearby enemies.


The Auto-Contagion fires traps from its Trapper barrel and small, weak bullets from the barrel underneath. Its auto-turret shoots weak bullets at nearby enemies, prioritizing more dangerous ones.

Its FOV is that of Trapper, slightly above average.


The Auto-Contagion upgrades from Auto-Trapper.png Auto-Trapper and Contagion.png Contagion at level 45.

Auto-Contagion can upgrade into the following:


As the Auto-Contagion

  • Get closer to enemies to fire traps at people and deal lots of damage.
  • Use your auto-turret to locate enemies and for additional firepower.
  • Kill tanks with low-ROF since they are defenseless against your sturdy traps.
  • Avoid bullet spammers and drone tanks.

Against the Auto-Contagion

  • Keep the Auto-Contagion away from your body and it can't deal any big damage.
  • Use strong bullet spammers such as Triplet.png Triplet or Twisted Hybrid.png Twisted Hybrid to destroy its traps.
  • Use drone tanks such as Overlord.png Overlord to attack Auto-Contagion's sides and back. Cruiser.png Cruiser is fine.
  • In Team gamemodes, Auto-Contagion may be protecting its teammates, so attack from a distance.



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