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The Auto-Harasser is a Tier 4 Tank upgrading from Harasser.png Harasser and Auto-Minishot.png Auto-Minishot at level 45.


The Auto-Harasser has one central barrel and 2 smaller barrels on each side, totaling up to 5 barrels. On top of that, it has an auto turret on its body that points at nearby enemies.


The central barrel shoots Basic.png Basic barrels, and the side ones shoot smaller, weaker bullets. The auto-turret shoots weak bullets and prioritizes enemies to shoot at.


Auto-Harasser upgrades from Harasser.png Harasser and Auto-Minishot.png Auto-Minishot at level 45.

Auto-Harasser can upgrade into the following:


As the Auto-Harasser

  • You create a wide area-of-denial zone with your bullets.
    • This is effective against tanks with slow drones like Probationer.png Probationer since you can destroy them.
  • Use your auto-turret to locate nearby enemies or shapes. This tank is good for farming.
  • Keep away from stronger bullets spammers since you kinda spread out bullets instead of firing in one direction.
  • Stay away from Smasher.png Smasher and other rammers for the same reason, your firepower is too spread out.
  • Keep away from the Warden.png Warden (apply that sentence to Minecraft as well). Its bullet is too fast for you to protect against.

Against the Auto-Harasser

  • Auto-Harasser's problem is that its fire is spread out. Triplet.png Triplet and other strong bullet spammers can kill it.
  • Rammers, especially Jump Smasher.png Jump Smasher branch and Shooting Star.png Shooting Star, can kill this tank if it's slow and/or distracted.
    • Max out Movement Speed and avoid using Smashception.png Smashception, it's too slow.
  • Drone tanks must have sufficient Drone Speed, or else Auto-Harasser can destroy them in time.
  • Ranger.png Ranger tanks, especially the Warden, can kill Auto-Harasser with lots of Bullet Speed.
    • This is risky though and better to do when it's distracted because of the auto-turret. Wanderer.png Wanderer sidesteps this.



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