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The Auto-Hexa is a Tier 4 Tank that upgrades from the Hexa Tank, the Auto-Twin, and the Auto-Flank at level 45.


The Auto-Hexa has a circular body with six guns spread evenly around its body. It has an auto-turret on top of its body with a single barrel.


Individually, each gun of the Auto-Hexa is basic and fires regular bullets. However, its six guns allow it to fire bullets all around it.

The Auto-Hexa's auto-turret fires fast bullets that deal moderate damage at a quick pace, similar to most other auto-turrets.


The Auto-Hexa upgrades from the Hexa Tank.png Hexa Tank, the Auto-Twin.png Auto-Twin, and the Auto-Flank.png Auto-Flank at level 45.

The Auto-Hexa can upgrade to the following:


As the Auto-Hexa

  • Due to the rear guns, the Auto-Hexa does not suffer any recoil when shooting, making you slightly faster when chasing someone.
  • You can protect yourself from multiple angles at a time while your auto turret adds to your firepower and chips away at people.
  • By moving forwards and firing at the same time, you can create a "bullet wall" of lots of bullets that can protect you and damage enemies.

Against the Auto-Hexa

  • The Auto-Hexa does not have much firepower in any one direction aside from its auto turret.
  • Pounder tanks will be effective to plow through the Auto-Hexa's mediocre fire.
  • Drone tanks can be ineffective in that they are not able to get their drones around the Auto-Hexa as easily and will be continuously threatened by its auto turret.


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