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The Auto-Mini Grower is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Mini Grower and the Auto-Basic at level 30.


The Auto-Mini Grower has a circular body with a long gun in front with a decorative band, indicating its Mini-Grower bullets. It has an auto-turret on top of its body with a single barrel.


Like the Mini Grower, the Auto-Mini Grower's main gun fire bullets that grow in size and slow down over time. Its auto-turret fires speedy bullets that deal moderate damage at a fast pace, similar to other auto-turrets.


The Auto-Mini Grower upgrades from the Mini Grower.png Mini Grower and the Auto-Basic.png Auto-Basic at level 30.

The Auto-Mini Grower can upgrade to the following:


As the Auto-Mini Grower

  • Try to pile your bullets in one area as a large quantity of your bullets can overwhelm foes.
  • The high range of your auto-turret's bullets can help you spot and deal with enemies at long range.
  • Use the R key to disable your auto-turret if you don't want it to fire.
  • Your growing bullets along with the auto-turret's nature of following a foe can be helpful.

Against the Auto-Mini Grower

  • The Auto-Mini Grower does not have much range aside from its auto turret and it can be outpenetrated.
  • Be wary of the Auto-Mini Grower's auto turret chipping you out from a distance.
  • Be cautious, as it can do the strategy of overwhelming at firing from the sides, granting AoD (Area of Denial). The auto-turret will cover him most of the times.


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