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The Auto-Recruit is a Tier 4 Tank upgrading from Recruit.png Recruit and Auto-Minishot.png Auto-Minishot at level 45.


Auto-Recruit has a Basic.png Basic barrel in the middle and two parallel, smaller barrels on its sides. It has an auto turret on its body that fires at nearby enemies.


Auto-Recruit's main barrel shoots standard Basic bullets. Its side and auto barrels shoot smaller, weaker bullets.

Like Recruit, Auto-Recruit's reload is pretty high, so it makes for a decent bullet spammer.


Auto-Recruit is a Tier 4 Tank upgrading from Recruit.png Recruit and Auto-Minishot.png Auto-Minishot at level 45.

Auto-Recruit can upgrade to the following:


As the Auto-Recruit

  • Upgrade bullet stats and use bullet spammer builds to shred health.
  • Attack low-firepower, weak tanks such as Ranger.png Ranger.
  • Bullet spammers branching from Twin.png Twin and Blaster.png Blaster can still penetrate your weak bullets.
  • Use your auto turret to detect nearby enemies and as additional firepower.

Against the Auto-Recruit

  • Stronger bullet spammers like Triplet.png Triplet can penetrate its weaker bullets.
  • Sniper.png Sniper tanks shouldn't be used since they are defenseless against bullet spam.
  • Smasher.png Smashers, rammers, and Lancer.png Lancers can't get close enough to it without being shredded apart.
  • With the max number of Sunchips, Necromancer.png Necromancer stands a chance. Anything less and BYE BYE—



  • The highest score for Auto-Recruit is 5.1 million points in Maze by wk18.
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