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The Auto-Smasher is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Smasher and the Auto-Lancer at level 45.


Like the Smasher, the Auto-Smasher has a thick, black, hexagonal shell. It also has an auto turret with 2 barrels.


The Auto-Smasher has a Twin auto turret, which fires moderately and shoots average bullets.

Like other Smashers, the Auto-Smasher can invest upgrade points into bullet stats, and has an upgrade cap of 12. Otherwise, the Auto Smasher has the same stats as the Smasher. 


The Auto-Smasher upgrades from the Smasher.png Smasher and the Auto-Lancer.png Auto-Lancer at level 45.

The Auto-Smasher can upgrade to the following: 


As the Auto Smasher

  • Generally, it is not recommended to buy any bullet stats. The bullets are weaker and has much less penetration than many other tanks, and AI can easily overpower you. If you do choose to use a bullet build, invest heavily in speed, penetration, and damage.
  • If you use a ramming build, the strategy is the same as for most smashers, except that you have as much health as a regular Smasher.

Against the Auto Smasher

  • Bullet spammer tanks, Chiller-branch tanks, and Underseer-branch tanks are strongest against Auto-Smasher. Furthermore, the tank has many counters, and even a new player should be able to defeat or at least deter the Auto-Smasher.


  • The Auto-Smasher is present in Diep.io, and is slightly stronger there.
  • The Auto-Smasher's turret has been buffed and nerfed at least 6 times in Woomy-Arras.io.
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