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The Auto-Sniper is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Sniper and the Auto-Basic at level 30.


The Auto-Sniper has a circular body. On its front, there's a long barrel that shoots fast bullets. On its top, there's an auto-turret that locks automatically on foes/shapes/bosses.


Like the Sniper, the Auto-Sniper has the exact same FoV and the same stats for its Sniper gun, firing fast and strong bullets with low reload. Its auto-turret does moderate damage and has good reload and speed, similar to that of the Auto-Basic's turret.


The Auto-Sniper upgrades from the Sniper.png Sniper and the Auto-Basic.png Auto-Basic at level 30.

The Auto-Sniper can upgrade to the following:


As the Auto-Sniper

  • Use your auto-turret alongside your large FoV to have greater knowledge on where enemies are.
  • When fighting against a moving enemy, try aiming further ahead while your auto-turret fires directly at them.
  • Sometimes, when trying to aim, your auto-turret may reveal your presence. To avoid this, use the R key to disable it.

Against the Auto-Sniper

  • The Auto-Sniper's auto-turret can deal a lot of damage if you let it shoot on you freely.
  • Like all other auto-turrets, the Auto-Sniper's turret cannot shoot at drones or incoming bullets.
  • If you're trying to sneak up on the Auto-Sniper, be wary of its auto-turret.
  • Its higher FoV can make it harder to be killed, unless you have an even higher FoV.


The Auto-Sniper was conceptualized by Hellcat and added to the game on December 1, 2018.


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