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The Auto-Sprayer is a Tier 4 Tank upgrading from Sprayer.png Sprayer and Auto-Machine.png Auto-Machine at level 45.


Auto-Sprayer has a Machine Gun.png Machine Gun barrel on top of another smaller barrel. It has an auto turret on its body (see Auto-Basic.png Auto-Basic).


Auto-Sprayer shoots Machine Gun bullets with high reload and recoil as well as weaker bullets from its smaller barrel. Its auto turret shoots weak bullets at nearby enemies.

Auto-Sprayer has high firepower and reload, which makes it a decent bullet spammer.


Auto-Sprayer upgrades from Sprayer.png Sprayer and Auto-Machine.png Auto-Machine at level 45.

Auto-Sprayer upgrades into the following:


As the Auto-Sprayer

  • Use this tank like a bullet spammer and follow some bullet-spammer builds.
  • Attack low-firepower and weak tanks like Ranger.png Ranger.
  • When fighting ramming or drone tanks, you can boost away from them with your higher recoil.
  • Use your auto turret to locate enemies.

Against the Auto-Sprayer

  • Stronger bullet spammers such as Napalm.png Napalm can penetrate its bullets.
  • Drone tank users have to be fast and catch it by surprise. Upgrade Movement and Drone Speed.
  • Smasher.png Smasher and Lancer.png Lancer tanks can't get close enough and not get killed.
  • It's harder for Auto-Sprayer to get close to you and shred your health since it has higher recoil.



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