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Auto-Tank is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from Auto-3 and the Gunner at level 45.


The Auto-Tank has a circlar body with four turrets spread around its body. Each turret has a small gun attached to it.


Like the Auto-3, the Auto-Tank uses its turrets to fire. The player can manually aim and fire its turrets using the firing buttons. While not being controlled, they will passively fire at objects in their sight. However, unlike the Auto-3, the Auto-Tank does not autospin.

Each turret of the Auto-Tank deals moderate damage with their small, fast bullets.


The Auto-Tank upgrades from the Auto-3.png Auto-3 and the Gunner.png Gunner.

The Auto-Tank upgrades to the following at level 60:


As the Auto-Tank

  • Unlike the Auto-2, you can actually turn to aim.
  • Like the Auto-2, your turrets have their own FOV.
  • Use Right click in front of you to increase your speed (like the propeller branch), as well as behind you to have more spread.
  • Aiming close to you will only activate one turret, while aiming far will activate 3 turrets. Use this advantage over Auto- 5 and always aim far from your tank.

Against the Auto-Tank

  • Bullet spammers have it easy against the Auto-Tank.