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The Automaton is a Tier 4 Tank that upgrades from Minigun.png Minigun at level 45.


The Automaton has three Minigun barrels attached to an auto turret. They point at any nearby enemies within about a 120° space in front of the tank.


The Automaton's barrels behave like an auto-turret similar to Minigun-2.png Minigun-2 but with less detection, only a 120° space in front (rough estimate).

Its bullets are small, weak, and fast, with the same stats as Minigun, and are fired with high reload from the barrels. Automaton's FOV is that of Sniper.png Sniper.

When Autofire is off and/or the player isn't firing, the turret behaves like an auto turret, as described earlier. When the player is firing, the barrels fire at the cursor.


The Automaton upgrades from Minigun.png Minigun at level 45.

Automaton can upgrade into the following:


As the Automaton

  • This tank is very similar to Minigun.png Minigun but can detect enemies with its turret.
  • Use your high firepower and many bullets to overwhelm weaker enemies like Ranger.png Ranger.
  • You are a bullet spammer, but many tanks upgrading from Twin.png Twin and Machine Gun.png Machine Gun can easily block your bullets.
  • Since your auto turret doesn't lock onto drones, stay away from Director.png Director-branch tanks unless you have good manual aim.
  • Smasher.png Smasher tanks are dangerous, but if they approach from the front, you can detect them early on and fire lots of bullets before they arrive.

Against the Automaton

  • Bullet spammers like the Triplet.png Triplet can penetrate Automaton's weak bullets.
  • Drone tanks are a good counter since the auto turret doesn't attack drones.
    • However, the turret deals damage to the defenseless user while the drones charge, so use a tank with fast drones like Lightning.png Lightning.
    • With Probationer.png Probationer and Underseer.png Underseer, it's best to rush the Automaton in a straight line since the bullets are too weak.
    • The best tank against Automaton is Override.png Override for obvious reasons. Just upgrade Drone Health/Penetration.
  • Smasher.png Smasher tanks should approach from the back so that the auto turret doesn't detect you straight away.