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The Axis-4 is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Auto-Auto-2 and the Swivel-2 at level 45.


The Axis-4 has a circular body with two turrets on opposite sides of its body and two turrets on top of its body perpendicular to the other two. Each turret has a single, average-size gun.


The Axis-4 is an autospin tank that uses its four turrets to fire. While not being controlled, they will passively fire at enemies in their sight. The player can manually aim and fire its turrets using the firing buttons.

The Axis-4 has 2 pairs of turrets that fire slightly smaller bullets that are fast and deal a good amount of damage. Its main turrets have an arc slightly more than 180°, while the turrets on top of its body have a full 360° arc.


The Axis-4 upgrades from the Auto-Auto-2.png Auto-Auto-2 and the Swivel-2.png Swivel-2 at level 45.

The Axis-4 can upgrade to the following:


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