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The Backhoe is a Tier 5 Tank upgrading from Slayer.pngSlayer and Flail.pngFlail at level 60. It does not upgrade any further.


The Backhoe has a Slayer lance at the front and a Flail at the back. See their pages for more information.


The Backhoe's lance deals extreme damage to anything it makes contact with, but it has a short range.

The Flail also deals high damage, though less than the Lance, but only to anything under its little Smasher thing. See Flail for more information on this.


The Backhoe upgrades from Slayer.pngSlayer and Flail.pngFlail at level 60. It does not upgrade any further.


As the Backhoe

  • Definitely upgrade Movement Speed. You move faster than most other Flail tanks and this gives you an advantage!
  • Hunt low-ROF and slow tanks like the Oscilloscope.
  • Stay away from focused bullet spammers like the Triplet.
    • However, you stand a better chance against wide-spread bullet spammers like Harasser (sus) or Spreadling.
  • You can kill Tri-Angles or Smashers if they get too close with ease. Just stick out your Flail, and whip around and charge with your Lance if they survive.
    • AI Tri-Angles and Smashers are basically food at this point.
    • Stay away from the Jump Smasher though. It can charge at you, juke your flail, and kill you before you can react! Better tell your friends to train your reaction time by clapping in your face.
  • Also stay away from tanks with powerful bullets like Destroyer. They can slip under your lance or swerve around you before ONE-SHOTTING YOU!

Against the Backhoe

  • As with all fast tanks, there's no good way to hunt down Backhoe, only protect yourself.
    • This is because Backhoe can just run away when in danger, and Tri-Angle is trash against it and so can't chase it.
  • Definitely *aim* (I had to okay, it's a game with TANKS) for focused-fire bullet spammers like Triplet.
  • Don't use snipers against it. Backhoe will block your bullets, charge, and kill you.
    • There are exceptions. There's always exceptions.
    • Rescue Helicopter stands a pretty good chance as long as you have Bullet Speed and you're on non-restored Woomy Arras. Windstorm also has potential with its knock back.
      • So basically there's this glitch where if you turn on autofire and let go of WASD/arrow keys, you'll gain momentum from recoil and eventually upset Lightning McQueen, just zoom around Backhoe and shoot it with fast bullets so it can't block as well.
      • I'll add more on this feature on Rescue Helicopter's page later on.
  • Destroyer tanks are pretty good at defense. Backhoe won't be daring enough to try to attack you, 90% of the time.



  • Backhoe's highest record is 11 million points. That's a lot of *point-BUILDING*!
  • Backhoes are construction vehicles used to dig out of the ground. They are a bulldozer combined with an excavator.