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The Bateau is a Tier 3 Tank that upgrades from Propeller at level 30. It is noticeably differenct from the Propeller.


The Bateau has a circular body and a single moderately-sized gun in front. A Machine Gun (trapezoidal) barrel on the back has more recoil and less damage.


Like the Propeller, the Bateau's front gun fires bullets similar to the Basic in firepower, reload, and size. Instead of having two small guns, the Bateau has one thruster gun that fires at a very fast pace, allowing the Bateau to move at a faster pace than most other tanks.


The Bateau upgrades from the Propeller.png Propeller at level 30.

The Bateau can upgrade to the following:


As the Bateau

  • Use your mobility as the Bateau to your advantage.
  • Strafe around enemy bullets and drones and try to ambush them with your speed.
  • You can either go for a ram build to utilize your mobility to rush people, or go for a bullet build that can catch up to anyone.
  • Because your thrusters fire more frequently, you are propelled more consistently than Propeller-type tanks. This can very slightly make it easier to change directions quickly.

Against the Bateau

  • The Bateau is slightly slower than other Propeller-type tanks due to the recoil of its front guns.
  • As sniper- or drone-type tanks, try to use your larger FoV to spot and avoid Bateaus. Otherwise, keep your drones nearby so that you can defend yourself.


The Bateau was suggested by Fillygroove and added to the game on December 28, 2018.


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