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The Battle Pod is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Cruiser and the Hexa Tank at level 45.


The Battle Pod has a circular body with four wide swarm drone spawners distributed around its body evenly.


Like the Cruiser, the Battle Pod wields swarm drones. Unlike regular drones, swarm drones must be actively fired, are weaker and faster, and die after a set amount of time after being fired.

However, the Battle Pod's swarms are much larger and slightly stronger. They also have the special ability to explode on death, firing four shards in all directions that deal a small amount of damage.

Like other drone tanks, the Battle Pod has an increased FoV.


The Battle Pod upgrades from the Cruiser.png Cruiser and the Hexa Tank.png Hexa Tank at level 45.

The Battle Pod can upgrade to the following:


As the Battle Pod

  • Try to always continuously fire so you aren't caught off-guard with no drones to defend yourself with.
  • Your drones will explode even if they don't die to an enemy, so you can still chip at enemies with your shards from very far away.
  • Large enemies like bosses and high-tier shapes have a very large hitbox and will take a lot of damage from the Battle Pod's exploding drones.

Against the Battle Pod

  • Swarm drones are relatively weak but can deal a lot of damage if you are overrun by them, especially given that the Battle Pod's drones will explode for even more damage.
  • Tanks that can one-shot the Battle Pod or ram it can be very effective.


The Battle Pod was suggested by Despacito 2.0 and was added to the game on March 10, 2020.


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