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The Bearer is a Tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Arsenal and the Tailgator at level 45.


The Bearer has a wide rectangle, as wide as the tank itself, with a slightly tapering trapezoid followed by an extremely wide trapezoid.


The Bearer fires big Arsenal traps (typically called "auto-traps") at a moderate pace.


The Bearer upgrades from the Arsenal.png Arsenal and the Tailgator.png Tailgator at level 45.

It can upgrade to:


As the Bearer

  • Your big trapboxes can easily stop rammers and all of the Smasher branch.
  • Try to aim all your trapboxes at your opponents, as the auto-trap bullets are quite weak.

Against the Bearer

  • If your bullets can weave through the traps (think something like the Nailgun branch), then the Bearer is screwed.
  • As it can only fire in one direction, try to outflank it with drones or homing bullets.


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