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Beethoven is a tank upgrading from Producer and Composer at level 60. It does not upgrade further.


The Beethoven's barrel has a trapezoidal base tapering inwards, then a fairly short rectangle of a barrel, then a very short trapezoidal tip tapering outwards.


The Beethoven is overall similar to Producer, but it gains the ability to scope its FoV out in the direction of its mouse similar to Single. On top of Producer's already (slightly larger than) sniper range, this gives it nearly unparalleled range.


The Beethoven upgrades from Producer and Composer at level 60. It does not upgrade further.


As the Beethoven

Use your immense FoV to your advantage. Scope in the direction you're headed and snipe foes (particularly bots) from the other side of your FoV. If you use a strong build such as 0/0/5/8/8/8/8/5/0/0 or really any with enough bullet speed, your foes will be cut down by your blocks.

Against the Beethoven

Keep in mind that the Beethoven has immense FoV

  • Bullet spamming tanks can destroy its blocks and charge towards it unimpeded.
  • Ramming tanks may be able to dodge its blocks, which are not as fast as bullets, and ram it.