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The Bent Double is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Twin Flank, Triple Shot, and the Tri-Angle at level 45.


The Bent Double has a circular body with a trio of guns in front and an identical pair on its back. Its guns are all angled much like the Triple Shot.


The Bent Double's front and back guns fire similarly to the Triple Shot, firing bullets in an alternating pattern and with a large angle of fire.


The Bent Double upgrades from the Twin Flank.png Twin Flank, the Triple Shot.png Triple Shot, and the Tri-Angle.png Tri-Angle at level 45.

The Bent Double can upgrade to the following:


As the Bent Double

  • Your bullets can cover a lot of area and outpenetrate most other tanks.
  • Low-power tanks like snipers or cruisers will have a hard time fighting against the Triple Shot.
  • Even though the Bent Double has three main guns, it still can miss targets who are far away.
  • Thanks to its rear guns, the Bent Double suffers no negative recoil while firing.

Against the Bent Double

  • Be careful of extremely powerful bullets and blocks that can plow through your fire and damage you.
  • Make sure to use your own fire to protect yourself and weaken incoming bullets and drones.
  • Because of the spread-out angle of its guns, try dodging the Bent Double's bullets by moving into the gaps in its fire.


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