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The Bent Hybrid is a Tier 4 Tank that upgrades from the Triple Shot, the Twinbrid, and the Private at level 45.


The Bent Hybrid has a circular body, three frontal guns, and a drone spawner on its back.


The Bent Hybrid's front guns are identical to the Triple Shot's, firing bullets in an alternating pattern. Its bullets are relatively durable and strong.

Its AI drone spawner spawns uncontrollable drones that automatically chase and attack nearby objects. It can spawn up to a maximum of three drones.


The Bent Hybrid upgrades from the Triple Shot.png Triple Shot, the Twinbrid.png Twinbrid, and the Private.png Private at level 45.

The Bent Hybrid can upgrade to the following.


As the Bent Hybrid

  • Your bullets can cover a lot of area and outpenetrate most other tanks.
  • Low-power tanks like snipers or cruisers will have a hard time fighting against the Bent Hybrid.
  • Even though the Bent Hybrid has three guns, it still can miss targets who are far away due to the spread of its bullets.
  • AI drones do not have as much range as auto-turrets and can only attack closeby enemies. However, they can chase enemies quite far once they lock onto something.
    • As such, try to get at close range (unless it's a Destroyer branch) to make them attack your target.
  • Use the R key to disable your drones if you don't want them to attack anything.

Against the Bent Hybrid

  • Because of the angle of its guns, try dodging the Bent Hybrid's bullets by moving into the gaps in its fire or moving farther away, where it is less effective.
  • Be wary of its AI drones chasing you even after the Bent Hybrid gets close and then backs off.
  • You can counter the Bent Hybrid's bullets with even stronger bullet spam from tanks like the Blaster.


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