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The Bent Pounder is a Tier 4 Tank upgrading from the Triple Shot, the Heavy Twin, and the Artillery at level 45.


The Bent Pounder has a circular body with three larger-than-average guns in front.


Like the Pounder, the Bent Pounder's three guns all fire larger bullets that are more damaging and durable than regular bullets. However, they are slightly slower, have less range, and have a slower rate of rate.


The Bent Pounder upgrades from the Triple Shot.png Triple Shot, the Heavy Twin.png Heavy Twin, and the Artillery.png Artillery at level 45.

The Bent Pounder can upgrade to the following:


As the Bent Pounder

  • The Bent Pounder's high rate of fire and strong bullets can take down most enemies easily.
  • Thanks to its rapid fire and powerful bullets, the Bent Pounder also has great recoil that can be used to move around more quickly.
  • Try to get close to your target to deal more damage and land more bullets.

Against the Bent Pounder

  • The Bent Pounder does not have any protection on its sides or rear.
  • Tanks that can stay a distance away from the Bent Pounder can render it ineffective.


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