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The Beta Pentagon is a large blue shape that spawns when a Pentagon evolves or rarely in the Pentagon Nest. It is one of pentagon variants, and has only a single variant - Green Beta Pentagon.


The Beta Pentagon is present in Arras.io and Woomy-Arras.io. Pentamancer is able to infect this polygon.


The Beta Pentagon is a blue pentagon that is about 3 times larger than the regular Pentagon.


The Beta Pentagon 100 health and gives 3000 experience upon death. The Pentamancer is able to infect these. Beta Pentagon has a low chance (1/175) to spawn as Green Beta Pentagon.

Beta Pentagon can only evolve in the pentagon nest, and can evolve into the following:


Beta Pentagon is a very good source of experience to level up. Firstly, tanks can still kill it while being on lower levels, and it will give a lot of experience. Secondly, it can be pretty commonly seen in pentagon nest, and as such multiple Beta Pentagons may allow player to level up a lot. Another good use of Beta Pentagon is using it against bots. If a rammer bot or just very dangerous bot you cannot defend against, you can trick it to ram into Beta Pentagon. You can also use it as a somewhat weak defense against other players, for example if you need to replenish drones.

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