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Black Hole is a free-for-all gamemode where the camera rotates depending on the player's position on the map.


Black Hole was first announced on 26 April 2021 and was released the day after.


The map has a very unique design, as it is circular. A black hole is located in the center. The aura around the black hole covers the Pentagon Nest.


The gamemode is similar to FFA, as there are no teams. The player's camera is rotated based on their position on the map. The gameplay is also different, pressing up will move you closer to the edge and pressing down will move you closer to the black hole. Pressing left or right will move you sideways but you loop when pressing it with enough time.

Black Hole

The Black Hole is located at the center of the map. Getting too close to it will kill the player. However, it does not actually have gravity. Bosses will not instantly die when touching it.