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The Chiller is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Sniper at level 30.


Similar to the design of the Sniper, the Chiller has a circular body and a fairly long barrel. Its gun has a short, light-blue bar on top of its barrel and a faint blue aura around it.


The Chiller's bullets have fairly high damage, speed, and penetration, but are fired at a slower rate.

Enemies that are hit by the Chiller's bullets are temporarily slowed down. This includes bullets, tanks, and shapes! Its bullets have a light-blue circle and aura to indicate their slowing properties.


The Chiller upgrades from the Sniper.png Sniper at level 30.

The Chiller can upgrade to the following:


As the Chiller

  • Tanks with low reload are vulnerable to the Chiller, so target them.
  • Smashers are completely vulnerable to your bullets. Once they are hit, they are almost frozen until you miss a shot. However, keep in mind that smaller, more mobile smashers, such as the Annoyance, may be much harder to land a shot on.
  • You can fire at dangerous enemy bullets to slow them down and dodge them.

Against the Chiller

  • Bullet spam tanks can easily take out their bullets and rush their way towards you.
  • Use drones, as drones are not affected by the Chiller's bullets unless hit.
  • Tanks with extreme range, such as the Single, Assassin, or Composer may be able to snipe the Chiller whilst remaining far enough away to avoid its bullets.


The Chiller was suggested by Fillygroove and added to the game on May 26, 2019.

On December 17th 2021, Chiller, Acid and Disintegrater are now beta tanks


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