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Clarise, also known as Fillygroove, was one of the 2 developers of Woomy-Arras.io. She is formally known on the Diep.io Extended Tales wikia under Tacocat247, but when asked said that she no longer intends to use the account, but instead talk over on Discord. She was also formerly (even before Fillygroove) known as Glenna, although at the time nobody knew that, which also makes it unknown what day exactly she joined, but it is known she has been there since practically the end of 2018. Clarise occasionally returns to the Discord server to provide updates and tips on lore.


In-game suggestions are one of the reasons why she became so famous so early (the other being that she turned out to be Tacocat247 later). She suggested a lot per day, almost flooding the suggestions chat. This is also partly because she re-used some tank ideas from the Diep Extended Tales wiki.

World Records

One of her most famous records was an FFA record with Division Bell, with a whopping 10m+ score. Even today, the record stands proudly. She is known on the WR sheet as Glenna. Back then, when she was a developer, she almost never played the game competitively, instead worked on improving it with a little help from Beta Testers.


Alone, she has one of the highest amounts of tanks accepted and added into the game. This gave her a lot of fame, and it only kept ever growing. Some of the tanks weren't added, but most were. They were simple, yet creative.

She hired a lot of Beta Testers during her tenure to ensure that her tanks were balanced.


She has been good friends with Hellcat (the main developer) since, and now share the server. She works in all definitions files and mockups.json, while Hellcat works in almost all the other parts.

Hellcat managed to get CX in the server as far as back in 2018.

As of the end of 2019, Zathsu has also stayed in the Discord server.

Graviatar (formerly known as) was also there for a short time, but shortly after left.

Resign and exit from community

Updates in the period August 2020-September 2020 have been going a bit less frequent since the public release of Boss Rush, due to pressure Clarise has been getting on adding more and more updates. This has led to her being more stressed and the decision of publicly announcing her resign as co-developer. Shortly afterward she left the discord.

Most community members wish her the best, as she has said she will move on to another community. Her successor as co-developer was Dogatorix, following a poll created by Hellcat to choose a co-developer.


Clarise rejoined the server as a co-developer on January 31, 2021 because the pressure she has been facing has faded away. However, she left again on March 6, 2021, due to pressure. As a result, Clarise appointed Absol and Oblivion as co-developer.

Second Rejoin

After pressure went away, Clarise rejoined on May 6, 2021. Clarise left again the next day, stating that she will come back to check on the server once a month.