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The Contagion is a Tier 3 tank that branches from the Trapper and the Subduer at level 30.


The Contagion has a circular body with a trap launcher on its front. Layered underneath the trap launcher there is a small barrel.


The Contagion's trap launcher works just like the Trapper's trap launcher. The barrel that's layered underneath the trap shoots bullets that are weaker than normal.


The Contagion upgrades from the Trapper.png Trapper and the Subduer.png Subduer at level 30.

The Contagion can branch into the following tanks:

  • Tri-Contagion.png Tri-Contagion (Lv. 45)
  • Auto-Contagion.png Auto-Contagion (Lv. 45)
  • Magician.png Magician (Lv. 45)
  • Fort.png Fort (Lv. 45)
  • Hammerer.png Hammerer (Lv. 45)
  • Zipper.png Zipper (Lv. 45)
  • Consumer.png Consumer (Lv. 45)
  • Virus.png Virus (Lv. 45)
  • Twin Contagion.png Twin Contagion (Lv. 45)
  • Diver.png Diver (Lv. 45)
  • Antivaxxer.png Antivaxxer (Lv. 45)
  • Contraband.png Contraband (Lv. 45)
  • Trapeze.png Trapeze (Lv. 45)


As the Contagion

  • The Contagion has even high firepower thanks to its high-health and high-damage traps and the steadier fire of its bullet-firing barrel. However, its attacks aren't very fast.
  • By piling traps in an area, you can create walls of traps that will block any tank or bullet from coming through.

Against the Contagion

  • At long range, only the Contagion's weak bullets will be able to reach that far, making the Contagion ineffective.
  • Powerful focused fire from tanks like the Twin will be able to outpenetrate both your traps and your bullets.


The Contagion was suggested by moouse and added to the game July 29, 2018 alongside the Fort, Auto-Contagion, and Hybrid Contagion.


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