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An Egg Sanctuary is a poor little nestless sanctuary that produces giant eggs. It is the most common sanctuary. Upon death, it spawns an EK-1. The Golden Sanctuary is a stronger version of this sanctuary, but it spawns very rarely and spawns a Golden Nonagon upon death.


Egg Sanctuaries were added before the changelogs, so they are very old. They have been buffed and nerfed numerous times, and their spawning rate has been changed drastically.


The Egg Sanctuary is a large round tank with an Egg Spawner. The spawner produces up to 30 giant eggs.


The Egg Sanctuary has high recoil but low health, meaning most tanks can easily kill it and gain the 30,000 experience.


The Egg Sanctuary has a 40% chance of spawning compared to other sanctuaries' 20% chance. The Egg Sanctuary has a small chance of becoming Golden upon spawning.


There is no nest associated with this sanctuary, though shapes may inadvertently spawn. Eggs sometimes generate but it is uncommon.


(old version) The EK-1 spawns after the Egg Sanctuary is killed. If left alone for 10 minutes, it will evolve into an EK-2 or it can spawn EQ (current version) after killing it it spawn EP-1


If one wants to use the Egg Sanctuary as an egg farm, they may use tanks such as Mothership to quickly destroy all the Giant Eggs so others will spawn. The Egg Sanctuary may recoil into you, so must be constantly moving to avoid it.

You can also use the sanctuary to kill or distract AI. They will run into the Sanctuary if you are on the other side of it, taking massive damage and retreating.

As part of a recent update, the Underseer branch can now infect Sanctuary shapes. The best tank for this job is the Eggmancer. Just collect the eggs the Egg Sanctuary spawns, and ram them into the Sanctuary.


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