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The Flank Subduer is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Subduer and the Flank Guard at level 30.


The Flank Subduer has a circular body with three sets of Subduer guns spread equally around its body. Each set has two small guns, stacked on each other.


Like the Subduer, the Flank Subduer's guns fire two bullets at a time, one after the other. Its smaller bullet is weaker than its main one.

As its name implies, its rear guns let it fire bullets from its back as well.


The Flank Subduer upgrades from the Subduer.png Subduer and the Flank Guard.png Flank Guard at level 30.

The Flank Subduer can upgrade to the following:

  • Stari.png Stari (Lv. 45)
  • Clubbin.png Clubbin (Lv. 45)
  • Faucile.png Faucile (Lv. 45)
  • Watchcat.png Watchcat (Lv. 45)
  • Tri-Contagion.png Tri-Contagion (Lv. 45)
  • Subduer-3.png Subduer-3 (Lv. 45)
  • Subway.png Subway (Lv. 45)


The Flank Subduer combines the qualities of both the Flank Guard's coverage and the Subduer's fire pattern.

As the Flank Subduer

  • Lead your shots to account for enemy tanks' movement so that both bullets can hit.
  • Like other Subduer-type tanks, you can carefully time your firing to change the pattern of your bullets.

Against the Flank Subduer

  • Most other tanks can outpenetrate the Flank Subduer's bullets.
  • The Flank Subduer's coverage is only in three directions and leaves a lot of gaps for enemies to attack you from.


The Flank Subduer and its branch was added to TESTBED Beta on January 12, 2020 and officially added to the game on January 18, 2020.


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