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The Golden Egg is a medium-sized shape with nearly no health. It is a variant of the Egg, and can only be spawned by a Golden Sanctuary.


Golden Eggs were added in 2017 to be produced by Golden Sanctuaries. At a certain point, Golden Eggs were orange because Golden Sanctuary was a Burnt Sanctuary.


Golden Egg is about 10 times larger than a regular Egg, and is golden in color.


Golden Egg has 0.0011 health, making it basically harmless and can be killed by even the weakest bullet. This egg cannot be infected by Eggmancer, and cannot evolve. It gives about 20 experience upon destruction.


Golden Eggs are rare because their sanctuary is rare, but are an excellent source of experience for tanks with low tiers. If you spawn near Golden Sanctuary, you should farm Golden Eggs until you reach the second level or even the third level. Golden Eggs can also be used to track Golden Sanctuary if you want to destroy it or spawn the Golden Nonagon. At higher levels, farming Golden Eggs themselves are not very efficient for gaining experience.

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