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The Golden Icosagon is the strongest polygon in the game, and can only evolve from Golden Nonagon. It has unique ability to spawn a boss - Mladic.


On April 22, 2020, it's health, resistance and experience were tweaked. As of October 19, 2020, Led Zeppelin is no longer able to push this polygon.


Golden Icosagon is a giant golden icosagon. It is slightly larger than a base of EK-5, which is very massive.


It has an absurdly high amount of health and high resistance, making it by far the hardest polygon to kill. It also awards about 100,000 experience upon destruction. Golden Icosagon has its own spawn message:

"A Golden Nonagon has evolved into a Golden Icosagon!"

It also has another spawn message.

"Golden Icosagon is sending out messages, move away from it!".

Shortly after this message, a Mladic will spawn near Golden Icosagon.


Killing Golden Icosagon is not so easy due to its really massive health and the fact a boss spawns near it. It is advised to use Splitter so you can both defeat Mladic and destroy Golden Icosagon. If you had already killed Mladic or there is no Mladic near Golden Icosagon, you may start destroying polygon itself. Fusilier and Splitter are two advised tanks, as they have very high DPS and will chop down the health of Golden Icosagon decently fast. Or you can use flails to kill it quickly.


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