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The Lumberjack is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Sniper and the Single at level 30.


The Lumberjack has a circular body and a long gun supported by a big, slanted base.


The gun of the Lumberjack is nearly identical to the Sniper's in power and reload. It fires strong, fast bullets but at a slow rate.

Like the Single, the Lumberjack has the ability to extend its camera in the direction it's facing by holding secondary fire. The camera will stay in that position until secondary fire is released.


The Lumberjack upgrades from the Sniper.png Sniper and the Single.png Single at level 30.

The Lumberjack can upgrade to the following:


As the Lumberjack

  • Use your large FoV and scope to your advantage and pick your fights wisely.
  • Try to attack distracted enemies so that they have less time to fight back.
  • Every bullet matters, so try to lead your bullets into enemies' movement in order to have a better chance at hitting them.

Against the Lumberjack

  • Drone classes can easily surround and overwhelm a Rifle. However, beware of the Rifle attacking back!
  • Pounder tanks can be effective against Rifles due to their extremely powerful bullets and typically greater mobility at close to medium range.
  • Bullet spammers like the TripletPenta Shot or Sprayer can also overwhelm a Rifle through sheer DPS at close range.
  • Rammers, like tanks in the Propeller and Lancer branches, can charge at a Rifle while blocking its shots.


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