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The Propeller is a Tier 2 Tank that upgrades from the Basic at level 15. The main focus of its branch is the thruster guns that give the tank more agility and recoil forward.


The Propeller has a circular body and a front gun identical to the Basic. It has two rear guns that are slightly smaller and angled slightly.


The Propeller has mostly the Basic's firepower from its main gun. Its rear guns serve as thursters, using recoil to propel the tank at a faster speed than usual. These guns also deal much less damage and are not as powerful.


The Propeller upgrades from the Basic.png Basic at level 15.

The Propeller can upgrade to the following:


As the Propeller

  • Use the Propeller's mobility to your advantage.
  • Ram builds usually complement the Propeller since it can charge right into enemy tanks, as well as flee quickly to regenerate.
  • The Propeller can manuever around slow-moving enemies and bullets well.
  • Snipers and other immobile tanks are usually weak to you.

Against the Propeller

  • The Propeller is still vulnerable to knockback, so bullet spam will stop them from charging in.
  • It may be helpful to let the Propeller come closer to you in order to ensure you can kill it before it flees, if you have strong firepower.
  • As a Sniper branch tank (or a drone/sunchip branch tank), try using your larger FoV to avoid Propellers.


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