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The Sniper is a Tier 2 tank that branches from the Basic at level 15. The main focus of its branch focuses on high-velocity bullets and increased FoV at the cost of slower Reload.


The Sniper features a circular base with a rectangular gun on the front. Compared to its predecessor, the Basic, the cannon is slightly longer.


The Sniper has a sligtly greater (1.2x) Field of View than Basic. Its bullets are also 1.2x faster. They deal 5% more damage and have a quarter as much shudder and spray, but the Sniper has 1.295x longer reload. Its bullets have 10% more density and 10% more resistance, affecting their knockback capabilities. Otherwise, it fires similarly to the Basic


The Sniper upgrades from the Basic.png Basic at level 15.

The Sniper can upgrade to the following:


As the Sniper

  • The player should use their larger FoV to their advantage. The Sniper's medium rate of fire does not benefit the player at close-quarters combat, so the player should avoid the target by staying as far away as possible.
    • Ideally, a Sniper should approach its enemy (who does not know that the Sniper is there) stealthily. Taking the element of surprise to your advantage, you should get the first shot on your target. Should the enemy return fire, your medium fire rate will be your backup.
  • A good tactic with Sniper is to shoot at where the player’s target will be. The player must always predict their enemies’ movements.
  • When a Sniper encounters another player nearby, it should run away while shooting unless it has a clear advantage. If they see the player and fire at them, they should move away from them and if they follow the player, fire at them and watch every direction, as another player, such as one with a rammer build, can quickly move in to kill the player if they don’t see it in time.

Against the Sniper

  • Drone classes can surround and overwhelm a Sniper due to its medium reload if skilled. If not, the Sniper can easily dodge the drones and proceed to kill the drone tank as it does not have a solid defence.
    • A player using tanks in the Pounder branch can outmanoeuvre and kill a Sniper due to the increased damage per shot and typically greater mobility at close to medium range but must be careful of the sniper's fast shots and slightly greater reload.
  • Bullet Spammers like the Triplet, the Penta Shot or the Sprayer can also overwhelm a Sniper through sheer DPS at close range but will be forced into a stalemate if not.
  • Rammers, like tanks in the Propeller and the Lancer branches (and the Rammer itself), can charge at a Sniper while dodging and deflecting the fast bullets, quickly killing it. However, if the Sniper has the first hand, it may be relatively hard to get close to it due to Sniper's high FoV.



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