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A Splitter Square is a Splitter Shape that spawns four summoner squares upon destruction. It can spawn in Square Sanctuary Nests, from the destruction of Super Splitter Squares or rarely from the evolution of a Square.


Splitter Squares were added on 19 March 2020. Super Splitter Squares were added 6 days later. Both designs were tweaked on 1 June 2020.


Splitter Square has 20 health and about 50 experience, and is the most basic splitting shape. Upon its destruction, it will spawn four Summoner Squares.

Splitter Square may evolve into the following:


Splitter Square looks like four pale squares forming a square shape, and a 45-degree tilted yellow square in the center.


Splitter Squares do not give much experience, and they summon 1-4 summoner squares upon death. Considering this and its relative rarity, it is not a good way to level up. Still, it can be used to gain some experience as second tier tank.

The most efficient way of utilizing Splitter Squares is to wait until they evolve into Super Splitter Squares, then destroy it without destroying the spawned Splitter Squares. The new squares will evolve into more Super Splitter Squares, and you can keep repeating this process to make even more splitters. Since Splitter Squares can also evolve into other Splitter Shapes, you will eventually get a huge number of splitter shapes - known as splitter farms. Destroying these shapes, especially big ones like Splitter Decagons will give you a lot of experience, but it is recommended to do it in less populated gamemodes like Portal Domination. Led Zeppelin is pretty effective for such farming due to its ability to push shapes.

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