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The Submarine is a level 45 tank that upgrades from the Cruiser.


The Submarine is the same as the Cruiser but with a gap in the middle and the reverse spawners on an angle.


The Submarine has the same stats as the Cruiser but with the ability to go invisible in three seconds. It's reload has a small delay and can still produce drones while invisible.


The Submarine upgrades from the cruiser at level 45 and can upgrade to the following:
Submersible.png Submersible
Sonar.png sonar
Shipyard.png shipyard


As the Submarine

. Have auto fire off when invisible and wait for a weak tank or medium health tank to come and then turn on auto fire and finish them as they won't see you, then move so they can't find you for revenge.
. You could use ramming and herd people to you with your drones and ram them.
. Avoid power tanks when visible and auto fire is on.

Against the Submarine

. Use power tanks that use Poison, Chiller tanks and Accelerating tanks (with red triangle on top).
. Using auto tanks will be affective especially the machception and Machceptionist as you will you use the main barrel for destroying swarm drones and recoil to get closer to the submarine and the auto turret will finish it.


. The Submarine is one of the only tanks that can fire while being invisible